Hair Removal Treatments

Waxing provides a complete hair removal solution suitable for both men and women. People tend to enjoy the benefits because they last longer than some other types of hair removal.

How waxing works?

There are two main types of wax that exist: hot wax and strip wax. Manufacturers offer each of these in various scents and colours.

A therapist applies hot wax to the skin using a wooden spatula, waits for it to cool and harden, and then removes it directly, pulling out the hairs.

For strip wax, a therapist applies it to the targeted area, places a disposable strip over the wax, waits for it to cool, and then pulls off the strip, taking both the wax and hair with it.

The debate between hot wax vs. strip wax centres on which provides a better hair-free finish. Expert application of either can achieve exceptional results. The choice often depends on the area being waxed and the client’s preference. Typically, strip wax excels at removing hair from large areas, such as legs, back, and arms, where the skin is less sensitive. Hot wax, on the other hand, is preferable for sensitive areas and thick hair, like the bikini area and underarm.

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