Mesoboost Facial

Mesoboost Facial – Maximum absorption rate. Greater performance and effectiveness. Non-invasive, needle free. Compatible with Lab Solution mixes.

This effective, safe, and sterile treatment can deliver high rates of active ingredients to the deepest skin layers using the effective ETM (Electroporation Transdermal Mesochip) Mesoboost system. Additionally, this system combines two parallel and complementary technologies: transcutaneous meso-chip penetration technology and electroporation technology.

Furthermore, Mesoboost opens tens of thousands of reversible micro-channels in the epidermis to deliver active ingredients to the dermis efficiently, quickly and painlessly, all without needles!

What to expect with a Mesoboost treatment?
Starting with a consultation & deep cleanse of the skin following our welcome ritual
Gentle peel to remove dead skin cells and maximise
Face & neck treatment plus extra time spent on areas of concern
In addition a customised face mask with a scalp massage
Full recommendation’s on how to continue your results at home

Who is it best for?

Red carpet glow
Dull/ Lack lustre Skin
Acne Scarring
Customised to your desired outcome
Safe after 4 weeks of botox/ fillers being administered
Can be had weekly.

Accelerates regeneration metabolism.
Improves skin microcirculation.
In addition total rejuvenating effect.
Immediate and long-lasting effects.
Also it is safer than other techniques, as the product remains completely sterile

3 sessions of Mesoboost, the skin is 100% younger and firmer with less visible and softened wrinkles*

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