Manicure & Pedicure Treatments

Here at The Glow Medispa we offer manicures and pedicures using Bio Sculpture. Bio Sculpture nails promise to be more natural, gentle, and kind to your nails. They are applied similarly to gels but have a unique formula that works to strengthen and condition your nails whilst wearing the colour, so they offer nail care the whole time.

Bio Sculpture manicures and pedicures are becoming more popular due to the growing importance people are putting on the health of their nails,. It’s a vegan, toxic-free, and damage-free gel, meaning your nails will stay healthy whilst having gel on your nails.

EVO by BIO SCULPTURE boasts the latest technology in gel formulation. Infused with vitamin A and E, EVO Oxygenating Base & Build leaves the nail nourished and rehydrated. EVO Oxygenating Base refined technology with medical grade formulation. Requires minimal buffing and offers effortless removal, maintaining and promoting healthy natural nails.

EVO offers a wide selection of highly pigmented colour gels with excellent consistency and intense nail coverage. They compile colour palettes following fashion trends, adding seasonal trendy colours, as well as everyday wear shades to the EVO range.

EVO by BIO SCULPTURE proudly boasts a 30-year history of sustainable business and relationships. Conforming to all EU and FDA cosmetic industry requirements. Furthermore EVO by BIO SCULPTURE does not undergo animal testing and is a suitable product for Vegan use.


manicures and pedicures
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