Lumineo Light Therapy

The Lumino Light Therapy is a soothing, pain-free treatment using particular colours of light for their beneficial effects on the skin. LED light penetrates the deeper layers of the skin, resulting in wound healing, reduction of break-outs, increased collagen production, and improved skin tone.

We recommend adding the Lumineo Light Therapy at the end of our Dermaquest Peels, Aesthetic treatments and Micro-needling treatments.

Sunlight has other wavelengths, such as ultra-violet and infra-red. Although we do not see them, these wavelengths have other effects on us, some are good and some are not. The beneficial effects of particular colours of light can be safely utilized. For instance blue light has anti-bacterial properties and is great for treating break-outs and acne. Red light has a stimulatory effect on collagen and so helps with the appearance of scars, wrinkles and ageing skin concerns. There are many more benefits.

Lumineo LED Light Therapy takes only a short while to have and there is no down-time afterwards. Your skin can achieve a brighter, clearer, and glowing appearance after one session. These treatments are typically recommended as a course. It is a great treatment to fit in during a lunch break, or to combine with other treatments.

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